Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Accursed Business Trips!

I am preparing myself for next week when my husband will be gone for FIVE DAYS and FOUR NIGHTS. Mostly I keep telling myself how terrible it will be, and how the week will be the longest I've ever known, and how much I hate next week in general. Its working. I'm definitely getting in the mood.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last Things...

Yesterday we embarked on the beginning of the "lasts" in the countdown to our move. And since it is the first of the lasts, I thought I'd better commemorate it with a post. Although we are excited about the provision and opportunity that the Lord has directed us to, we will miss the goodness that He has allowed us to enjoy here at this house in B____. Of course, we will miss our family the most, but we don't consider any of the time spent with them to be "lasts" because it won't be. Thank God for a loving and supportive family if you have one, and if you don't, pray that the Lord will show you how to establish the groundwork for the next generation to have this great blessing! And you will be able to rejoice as you see it happening! First on our frivolous list of lasts was a vow to have breakfast again at our favorite little hometown breakfast and bistro establishment that is within walking distance of our house. So we took advantage of the morning that, thanks to my mom and dad, began with only one child under the age of 2 and 1/2 in the house instead of the usual three. Since it was a very chilly fall morning, we bundled up this one: and took a walk through the modest but pleasant sub we live in, and ended here: After scanning the day's specials we took our seats and giggled about how dorky we looked to the other patrons since we were taking pictues of everything as if we hadn't been out in years. This little girl agreed: Then our food came. Jessie ordered his favorite western omelette and I took the chance of being spurned for the remainder of the day when I ordered the International Greek Scramble with feta cheese on it. Jessie usually won't kiss me after I've eaten feta cheese or mustard, he can't stomach the thought of being in the same vicinity of those substances in a 24 hour period (just for the record, he did kiss me again, more than once, before the day was over. Our love is strong enough to triumph even over goat cheese, apparently). Since Ingrid is NOT a seat-dweller, we took turns passing her back and forth over breakfast until she stated her preference conclusively and remained with daddy until we finished our coffee and took our leave. Then we bundled up again and headed back through the lovely Michigan fall leaves to home, sweet rental home.