Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Year of Ingrid

1 day old

Still can't believe she's so small

5 weeks old and as pleasant as can be

1st picture with both her sisters
Such a tender, kissable face Spent her first Halloween asleep on Daddy's chest Showing off those million dollar dimples Moving to Florida from Michigan
Sleeping by an open window in January
So many pictures with Daddy to choose from- she's a Daddy's girl. Her first feel of the ocean 7 months Letting Mama know she can't nap in her bassinet anymore *sniff*
This girl LOVES water
She is such a joy to watch when
she's really delighted.
Growing up too fast
But we're loving every minute

Monday, August 10, 2009

When Eliza isn't....

When Eliza isn't hiding our only set
of van keys in her pink cowboy boots,
or dropping Mama's glass mixing bowls
on the tile floor,
or knocking pictures off the wall while standing on the roof of her playhouse, or throwing all her toys in the trash, or sitting in the toilet (yes, in the toilet), or yelling everything at the top of her lungs instead of just saying it, or injuring herself in any number of countless ways, or spreading joyful frivolity and the contents of her diaper throughout the house, she can usually be found doing this: