Friday, November 11, 2011

Ye Olde Facebook Statuses

Eliza: "Mom, I need you to give me a big hug, because sometimes I get a little fussy if I don't get a hug."

Eliza just stumbled into the living room all bleary-eyed, proclaiming she wants to stay up, "...because we didn't even do school yet." But alas, school with a half-asleep four year old at 11:45 on a Saturday night was not on my agenda, so she was tucked back into bed.

This morning while doing errands the sky was very cloudy, but there were a few holes revealing a very vibrant blue sky, or as Eliza put it "Look Theia! Some of the clouds are showing the sky to us!"

Sometimes I hear myself talking to my kids, and I sound so... old

Ingrid (in an accusatory tone): "Mom! Emeth kissed me and hugged me! And then...and then...and then he pulled my hair!! And that wasn't very nice!"

 It's hard to concentrate on learning your letters when your little brother is trying to use your toesies as a teether. Poor Eliza.

(After catching Ingrid in the act of dunking her doll in my coffee cup) "Ingrid! Do NOT touch my coffee! - Ingrid: "I wasn't touching your coffee, Cinderella was touching it!"

"Eliza, it's time to stop talking and go to sleep." - (desperately) "But I didn't tell you enough things yet!"

Even though it's annoying, I still find it irresistibly cute when Emeth immediately dives under Ingrid's chair, searching for leftovers, the minute I put him on the floor after a meal. His manner is so intense, he is after the prize! I usually have to clean him up twice.

Eliza, picking up a garage sale item: "Ew, that bag smells yuck! That bag smells like a man!"

I just had one of those halo-ringed moments of parenthood where I happened to glance out the window and was completely arrested by the fact that the most adorable children in the world were out there, laughing and swinging on swings, in my backyard. I'm so blessed.

Eliza's first celebrity crush: "I wish I could marry Buzz." Yes, that would be Buzz Lightyear.

Pretty sure the bite marks on my shoulder will still be there by tomorrow, and Emeth's ears might still be ringing with my primal shriek.

Theia: "I think these pants are too small for me. They're giving me a pant rash."

Sometime I should record about 5 minutes of my daughter's make-believe play and write a fantasy adventure based on it. 5 minutes contain enough plot twists to fill a 2 hour movie.

After helping me with dishes for awhile Theia tells me "Mommy, you do such a good job of cleaning, I think I'm going to let you finish up here." I think I'm supposed to feel flattered.

I am having second thoughts about escorting my sister-in-law around the town. I may have four children, but the seventeen year old is not my daughter, thankyouverymuch miss hairdresser.

"Ingrid, are those panties clean?" - "Um, dey're a *little bit* clean."

Well, the morning started well, but I could have done without the episode that necessitated stripping the crib, sterilizing the bars, and giving the 9 month old a full bath, all before breakfast.

Emeth has discovered that standing up and clapping his hands gets him a lot of positive attention. I love it.

Eliza, at the dinner table: "Mom,  can we get another chicken that's dead and has it's head cut off?"
After that description, I'm not so sure I will want to get another whole fryer chicken anytime soon. Sheesh!

Few things make me feel more maternal than walking through the house at 6am, making sure all my sleeping children are properly covered.

Theia: "Mom, did you know that orphans can jump even higher out of the water than dolphins?"

I think Emeth is under the impression that I sweep all the food scraps into a pile in the middle of the kitchen floor solely for his personal convenience. *sigh*

Theia wanted to go see her little neighbor friend this morning. I explained that we couldn't, because her Mommy went back to work this week, and now she's in day care. Theia's response: "She goes to day care?! She's probably just playing with washed-up old toys who have no owners."
Can you tell what movie she watched last night?

After this day, I think it's pretty safe to say that Emeth is officially walking. (Oct. 22, 10 1/2 months old)

My kids are entirely too capable of making messes that only I am capable of cleaning up properly.

Typing has become a lot more difficult ever since Emeth ripped half the keys off my keyboard.

Would someone please tell the almost 11-month old that he is too young to be opening doors...

If only we could figure out a way for daylight savings time to benefit parents of small children.

I'm thinking about moving all of Emeth's toys into my kitchen cupboards, and all of my mixing bowls, food storage containers, and food prep gadgets into Emeth's toy box. I think that may be an arrangement more suitable for both of us.

Theia: "Mom, can you change Emeth's diaper? He smells like macaroni and cheese!" I'm not sure whose macaroni and cheese she is referring to, but I guarantee you, mine smells considerably better than Emeth does right now.

While my niece, Sydney, helps me organize her playroom, I ask her a question about a particular toy. She replies "That goes to my Rapunzel - No! Not that Rapunzel! My NAKED Rapunzel!"