Sunday, February 28, 2010

an offer you can't refuse...

I was interrupted while making a dish for LIFE group tonight when I received an offer I couldn't refuse. "Mommy, would you like to hold me for a little while?".

Oh Theia, you are so precious. Yes, I would like to hold her for a little while; while I still can!

Every Story Whispers His Name.

I love bible time with my girls. They get a story out of this book every day before naptime. The stories are short, but longer in our case since I have to pause frequently to answer important questions like "Why is that man wearing a dress?", "Why does Jesus want there to be a beard on his face?", and "What is that cat doing? Is he gonna lick that guy?"

It makes me so happy when I hear Theia later telling Jessie, with surprising accuracy, what she learned from her bible story that day. Eliza has quickly caught on to the the fact that, when in doubt, the safest answer is "Jesus".

I love their Jesus Storybook Bible. It is a collection of stories from the Old and New Testaments that all point to the coming Savior. The message of God's love, and our need to be rescued is portrayed in every story. I edit it a little as I read them aloud, but they are mostly perfect for our girl's ages.