Monday, October 24, 2011

Stuff I Made

These are some simple projects I did last week for two different birthday parties we went to on Saturday.

Frontier Vest

Apron with matching potholders

I didn't take the time to set them up for a pretty photo-shoot, so cell phone mediocrity is all I have to show you. They were both great projects for a novice sewer like myself to tackle. It's nice to make something for the 5 and under crowd, since they don't care if there's a dropped stitch or two. Especially when it's only meant for dress-up purposes.

I got the vest instructions HERE, and I modified a couple of different ideas from the same site for the apron and potholders. The apron and potholders are made from a thrifted set of placemats. I plan on making similar ones for our girls sometime.

I've been pretty busy otherwise, hence the absence from blogging.