Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some people's daddies...

Some people's daddies

are so much


Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Girl's got Style

Every now and then when Eliza walks into my presence after getting dressed, I ask her to stop so I can snap a picture of her with my phone. I'm sure she thinks it's just because she's my favorite. She has no idea that I actually just like to document the outlandish combinations of clothing she manages to find. (She actually is my favorite though - my favorite 3 year old, that is.)

Proving patriotism is always in style.

If it's too cold for your brown summer capri outfit,
never fear, just throw on a navy quilted vest and
some cowboy boots - you're good to go!

Further proof that red boots go with everything.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He is his own favorite person.

Oh how that boy loves the mirror! Loves it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

It has been a long, cold winter, my friends.

There have been many occasions where we had to turn our heat on at night
I can recall whole weeks that the temperature did not get above 64 degrees a single time.
There were a few days that I actually had to wear a sweater and a jacket.
I can even remember a time that we didn't see the sun for two days in a row.
And things looked pretty dire when the forecasters had to issue a freeze warning, not once, but twice.
There were days in January that I couldn't even wear my flip flops outside, it was that bad.
It has been too cold to swim at the beach all the way since mid November.
In fact, it was too cold to swim at all, unless you had friends with a heated pool.

But, take heart my friends!
In spite of these heavy tribulations that burdened us for so long,
there is hope yet!

Spring has sprung! Get ready to open those swimming pools, because it's a high of 84 degrees today!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming....

I promise this will never be a DIY blog. I'm only a dabbler. I do read a couple of those blogs, and they've given me the little shove I needed to take my fate in my hands and actually attempt some things. And I've really been enjoying the sense of accomplishment I get when I do a project that actually has a beginning and an end. It's amazing to finish a job and then be done with it. Most of the things I work really hard at are repetitive tasks that are never really finished (i.e. laundry, dishes, food prep).

The chair and matching stool below are the first pieces of furniture I've ever painted. I painted the old piano bench a few months ago, then re-did it to match the chair more recently. I'm not particularly fond of either of them, so I figured I should practice on them since I didn't care much if they got "ruined". I'm in the middle of a dresser right now that I really hope turns out well, because I do like it.

Here is a before of the chair, which was a $10 estate sale item. It had a nasty flat red vinyl seat too. Sorry about the poor quality cell phone picture.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Actual playtime conversation between Theia and Eliza

Theia: "Honey, go get the bare necessities, please."
Eliza: "We don't HAVE any bare necessities!"
Theia: "Just go look in the cabinet, that's where the bare necessities are!"
Eliza: (slowly and succinctly) "There are NONE in there. We are ALL OUT of bare necessities."

I think someone's been watching Jungle Book.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A byproduct of allergies

It seems like every year around this time I have to do a post about allergies. I really can't help it, because it occupies an inordinately large percentile of my attention during these accursed weeks.

The girls, I must say, have been touchingly compassionate about their mother's condition. The other day I had a fit of sneezing about 12 sneezes long. Theia was in the same room with me at the time, and she inserted a "bless you" between each and every sneeze, without looking up from her coloring book, or changing tone a single time. Today Ingrid very sincerely blessed me after a sneeze, and when I sneezed again immediately, exclaimed "Bless you again, Mommy!" After I recovered I said to her, "You are so cute, Ingrid!" She beamed with delight, and ran over to me and presented her cheek to be kissed. Sometimes I just can't stand how cute they are!