Friday, April 17, 2009

I really am in a blogging funk this month. I am certainly not suffering for lack of material, its the time and initiative that is lacking on my part. I could share about how my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law/cousin came to stay with us for 5 days last week, along with their 3 under 3. I mean, could you ask for a better blog post scenario than 6 girls under 3 under one roof?

I could show you what mealtimes might look like in such a scenario
I could share tips on bathing 4 girls under 3 at once
I could tell you how to build an enclosure that small
rambunctious girls actually beg to be contained in
Or how to efficiently transport 4 girls under 3
Or how to multiply cuteness and fun
exponentially in a water balloon fight
I could post pictures of our Easter egg hunt
(because its Easter, and that's just what you do)
And I should inform you that there is some pretty stiff
competition this year in the adorable girls department
And in the cute niece department

I could admit that I must be a horrible aunt because I did not get
a single picture of my brand spankin' new niece, Taylor, while she was here!
But I just don't feel like it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Beach

I realized that for someone who lives in Florida, I don't have nearly enough beach pictures on here. And in Theia's opinion, we don't go nearly often enough either. These pictures were taken over a month ago, and we haven't been to the beach since. I do love going to the beach with the girls, but its definitely more fun than it is relaxing, so once a month seems just about my speed. On this particular occasion we went with Jessie's cousin Luke, his wife Lesley, and their girls Josie and Clara. They are such a blessing to us. God was so good to lay the groundwork for us to come down here before it had even been thought of on our part. Luke and Lesley moved down here (also from MI) just last summer. They had already set their roots down in a church (where we have since placed membership) and they have introduced us to everyone there and made our transition so much easier. It means so much to have family within driving distance when you move to an unfamiliar place.
Ingrid's little toes
Eliza hated the water the first time we went,
now she's a bonafide beach bum.
Ingrid is my little teeny girl

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to involve your children in Home decor...

Step 1. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwich (use extra peanut butter for maximum effect) Step 2. Give peanut butter and jelly sandwich to your 21 month old for lunch * Step 3. Marvel at the results: *You could of course save time by eliminating Step 2 and smearing the contents of the sandwich on the chair yourself. I'll have to try that sometime...