Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheap and Easy

I have recently felt the itch to become more creatively productive. As the girls are getting a little older I am excited to teach them how to make things with their hands. Sometimes the projects I imagine us doing together are a little beyond their grasp, but we're getting there. They have discovered stringing beads, and love making bracelets for themselves (because they don't have the patience for necklaces). Actually I should clarify, Theia likes stringing beads, Eliza likes handing them to me while I string them for her. Theia did recently help me tie rags around a sour cream lid hoop to make this wreath: It now hangs on their bedroom door. And as long as I'm in their room I'll show you a few of the other things that hang on their wall. I love this picture frame. That is a picture of Eliza - from her 1 year pictures. And these are some wall hangings I made last week from embroidery hoops and some clothing of the girls' that had gotten stains on them. I will probably add to it as the girls gift me with "new" material :).
I got the idea from one of my favorite crafting blogs, mayamade, who in turn got the idea from this site. I love trying to come up with ways to use things that have outgrown their original use. Now when a favorite clothing item becomes permanently stained I only have a brief period of mourning and then I get excited thinking about what I can salvage it for.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Theia (while lying on my chest, snuggling): "Mama, do you have hairs in your nose?" Me: "[Groan] Couldn't you have asked Daddy that question instead?" Theia: "Ok. Daddy, does Mama have hairs in her nose?"

Friday, May 8, 2009

America's Next Top Model *

The first step to a good photoshoot is
know how to make your entrance.
Don't be scared to make bold wardrobe choices,
such as pairing platform Mary Janes with a diaper.
Consider every angle. Use props to your advantage. No! Always think of your face first! Its a happening!
*No, I really don't watch that show - but I've seen enough of it to know the rundown. Tyra Banks is hilarious.