Monday, April 6, 2009

The Beach

I realized that for someone who lives in Florida, I don't have nearly enough beach pictures on here. And in Theia's opinion, we don't go nearly often enough either. These pictures were taken over a month ago, and we haven't been to the beach since. I do love going to the beach with the girls, but its definitely more fun than it is relaxing, so once a month seems just about my speed. On this particular occasion we went with Jessie's cousin Luke, his wife Lesley, and their girls Josie and Clara. They are such a blessing to us. God was so good to lay the groundwork for us to come down here before it had even been thought of on our part. Luke and Lesley moved down here (also from MI) just last summer. They had already set their roots down in a church (where we have since placed membership) and they have introduced us to everyone there and made our transition so much easier. It means so much to have family within driving distance when you move to an unfamiliar place.
Ingrid's little toes
Eliza hated the water the first time we went,
now she's a bonafide beach bum.
Ingrid is my little teeny girl


Nyla said...

I love the beach too...but it is hard with little much to is definitely more fun the older they get!

You are such a good photographer! I love the pics...especially the toes!

Katy and Phil said...

It is evil to post pictures of the warmth and sun, ocean and sand while your friends and family are up here freezing :) But the girls are cute so I won't complain too much!

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

I love how God works. What a blessing for Him to prepare the way and make your transition of moving easier.

Very fun and sweet pictures! I love the beach too. We live near one and don't make it there nearly as often as my kiddos would like. :)