Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheap and Easy

I have recently felt the itch to become more creatively productive. As the girls are getting a little older I am excited to teach them how to make things with their hands. Sometimes the projects I imagine us doing together are a little beyond their grasp, but we're getting there. They have discovered stringing beads, and love making bracelets for themselves (because they don't have the patience for necklaces). Actually I should clarify, Theia likes stringing beads, Eliza likes handing them to me while I string them for her. Theia did recently help me tie rags around a sour cream lid hoop to make this wreath: It now hangs on their bedroom door. And as long as I'm in their room I'll show you a few of the other things that hang on their wall. I love this picture frame. That is a picture of Eliza - from her 1 year pictures. And these are some wall hangings I made last week from embroidery hoops and some clothing of the girls' that had gotten stains on them. I will probably add to it as the girls gift me with "new" material :).
I got the idea from one of my favorite crafting blogs, mayamade, who in turn got the idea from this site. I love trying to come up with ways to use things that have outgrown their original use. Now when a favorite clothing item becomes permanently stained I only have a brief period of mourning and then I get excited thinking about what I can salvage it for.


Bert Ernie said...

You constantly amaze me, Holly. Good for you to be teaching the girls to be creative and use their time wisely. And hanging it in their room will only help them to take pride in their work.
May God continue to bless your efforts at parenthood.
Love, as always, MomWert

Our Little Family said...

Lorelai likes actually stringing beads! I couldn't believe she had the coordination to do it... but she does! I love the clothes idea... I might do that some day... when I fail to remove a stain from something!