Saturday, April 17, 2010

oh dear

Jessie and I had a conversation with Eliza at the breakfast table this morning that confused both of us for several minutes. It started out like this:

"What happened to the butt?"

Now, this took us off guard, since "butt" is supposed to be a never used word in our house, and furthermore, we couldn't think of any "butts" that had anything significant happening at the moment.

We tried to just ignore it at first, not sure whether she was speaking the taboo word or not, but Eliza was quite insistent. She wanted an answer.

"Mommy! What happened to the butt?"

"What are you talking about, Eliza?"

(slowly and succintly)"I'm talking about what happened to that big butt that Daddy took care of!"

"What did Daddy take care of?"

(patience wearing thin by now) "The...Big...Butt"

"What did Daddy do to take care of, er, it?"

"You know, I was scared of the big butt, so Daddy frowed it away."

The light was beginning to dawn.

"Oh, you mean the big bug!"

"Yeah, the big butt."

"Eliza, say bug. Its bug, not butt."

"Buh-tt. I did say butt."

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