Monday, July 26, 2010

20 weeks

Yesterday I was 20 weeks

and I wore high heels

and my husband was appointed
as a new deacon at church
(the handsomest one)

and I went to a baby shower
(not mine)

and I ate a lot of food

and I played with my girls.

It was a good day.


Our Growing Family said...

You are so cute for 20 weeks! Little bump! That see-saw will be perfect next year... you will have it all filled up!

Bert Ernie said...

Congratulations on being 20 weeks along! Do you know what a lovely young woman you are, dear Holly? We are very proud of you. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family. (And I'm quite sure your husband is the handsomest deacon in that congregation. ) :)

Elly said...

It was a great day! And by the way ... I cant wait to meet the little one! I am sure he or she is going to be beautiful!

amanda said...

you look beautiful!! congrats! :) ((and sorry i missed the original announcement.))

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on hitting the halfway mark! I hit mine next week. You are teeny tiny for being 20 weeks! I feel like I'm coming up on 30 weeks rather than 20. Oh well. Enjoying the excuse to eat a bit more everyday while I can ; )