Thursday, February 3, 2011

favorite of the week - custom narnia art

Since I'm kind of on a Narnia roll with the last couple of posts, I thought I'd make my prized custom-made Narnia art the subject of my fave of the week too. You got a glimpse of one of them last week in this post, because our lovely state lizard (okay, we might not officially have a state lizard) decided to hang out with the only other reptile in the room for awhile when he somehow made his way into our living room last week.

I have this little sister who is practically my mini-me, only cuter, more talented, and with greater overall panache. One of her many talents is illustrating stories (another is writing stories, check out her sporadically updated story blog). Since we are both literature lovers, and Narnia fans, I knew it would be easy to get her to do a series of pictures for me as a wedding gift. You can get her to do anything as long as you only ask her to do things that she wants to do.

Between us we came up with an idea to make the art to look like pages taken from a book, with the illustrations surrounded by text. She surpassed my expectations when she presented Jessie and me with this series of four drawings taken from the following books:

"The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

"The Magician's Nephew"

"The Last Battle"


"The Horse and his Boy"

I love them, and I love telling people where they came from.

I have reason to believe that they may be joined by a fifth in time, since I informed Aunt Rachel that Emeth would really, really like an illustration of his namesake for his birthday.


Ramona's Story Time said...

"You can get her to do anything as long as you only ask her to do things that she wants to do." YESSSS!

P.S. You, my sister, make me blush.

L (& L) said...
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L (& L) said...

Oooo! I taught 5th Grade in Orlando (The Geneva School) for a time and just LOVE the Narnia series...we had the awesome privilege of reading C.S. Lewis and Tolkien books during Lit.

These are BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

That Rachel is beyond talented! I love these illustrations. Magnificent! I want one... Think she'd do one for her old piano teacher's 40th birthday next year? ---Amy