Thursday, June 9, 2011

How do you shower three toddlers and an infant simultaneously?

With saint-like patience.

And a bumbo.

I figured out a few months ago that donning shorts and a tank top, taking my shoes off, and getting in the shower with the girls is the best way to get them clean without killing my back. A hand-held sprayer is a must, obviously. But I only this week discovered that, with the use of the Bumbo, Emeth could be added to the community bath time. 
I wasn't too excited at first about the fact that this house has no bathtubs, and I still do miss them at times, but I am certainly fine with never leaning over the side of the bathtub for long periods of time ever again.
Always save your own shower for last. Cleansing four children consecutively in a steamy bathroom works up a sweat like no other. In fact, I consider it my main source of exercise.

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bobbie said...

we have a bath but I actually like to give them showers. It's just quicker and easier, I think. Now the oldest two can shower by themself and I just sit in the bathroom with them to make sure it's all ok but I don't have to do anything but sit!