Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ye Olde Facebook Statuses - the prequel

When I started doing these compilation posts, it was November of 2009, and I went as far back as I could go on my facebook profile before they stopped displaying old statuses (about 3 months in my case). It made me sad when I thought I wouldn't have a record of all the cute things Theia and Eliza had said before July-ish of '09. I wondered how much I'd already forgotten. I didn't discover until recently that you can actually download a copy of everything you've ever posted from facebook, and it's pretty easy. So I did it this week, and it was so fun to be reminded of so many things that I had forgotten from two to three years ago.

Starting in December of 2008:

had Theia help us shovel the walks, but she insisted that she was "baking" leaves.

are "goin to our new house in Fwoda!" (according to Theia). (December 31, 2008, the day we left our home in Michigan)

apologize for their daughter's first accident, on the lap of our first supper guests... (Theia. January '09. Sorry, Luke!)

I came into Theia's room this morning with a scarf headband on and she exclaimed "Oh, Mama! You put a princess on your head! That's boo'ful'!

woke up today to Eliza standing by our bed with a dripping wet digital camera. We concluded that the water puddled around the toilet was probably related. (February '09. Eliza was 19 months old)

are listening to Theia singing a song we've never heard, about a "hipdo-bottom-us".

I picture miniature troll-like creatures every time Theia asks for an "ogret" (yogurt).

are informed every day that dragons are animals, and are then immediately comforted with the assurance that they are not real. (Theia, 2 1/2 yrs old)

Just had to run to the rescue of Ingrid since Eliza had climbed into her crib and was sitting on her head. Its amazing how many third-borns survive infancy. (Ingrid would have been about 7 months old)

does not like catching lizards in her house. But, she likes it much better than NOT catching lizards in her house, if you take my meaning.

don't like spiders in the house who could probably beat me in a fistfight. (obviously Florida's climate took some getting used to)

Theia: "Im already getting bigger like Mama. Cuz Mama's Reeally big".

Daddy! The sun is...is...its trying to get pink!! (Theia)

are going to "the parking lot" with the girls. (What Theia and Eliza used to call parks)

Wish Eliza wouldn't play in the toilet.

wondering about the vegetable peeler I found in with the q-tips today.

Eliza's newest trick: climbing on top of her dresser during her nap and taking all the pictures off the wall.

love listening to Theia and Eliza singing together in the back seat. Eliza is always a few beats behind and it sounds great :)

Theia is making up songs about Jesus in her carseat. The doctrine in the lyrics is questionable...

once again kept their kids out past their bedtime. They will retaliate by waking up at 6:30 am tomorrow.

don't think that cleaning crayon off the table/walls/carpet/couch should be part of the daily routine around here. But lately, it is.

My daughter is convinced that her name is really Ariel. (Theia)

Theia, after several other verses, came up with this: "He's go-ot Mama, in His hands, He's go-ot Mama, in His hands, He's go-ot Mama, in His hands. He's got *pause* Big Mama in His hands!

Ingrid CAN walk, but doesn't yet consider it an efficient form of transportation.
August 10, 2009 at 1:44 pm

watched Beauty & the Beast with the girls tonight. We could have fast forwarded to the part where she "spins" and wears "the Belle dress" and turned it off immediately and they would have been just as pleased.

"Daddy, is the Man-Garbage going to come and put our garbage in his truck?" -Theia

Theia informed us yesterday that even though she stays dry, she doesn't want to be a "a potty train".

My baby is 1 today. She's taking steps, when she feels like it, only just cut her first tooth, and still only weighs 18.5 lbs! We're glad she's stretching out her babyhood. (Ingrid - August 23, 2009)

has one child who tries to covertly place her peas on Ingrid's tray while the other one tries to snitch them off her tray. Hopefully Ingrid came out even.

Theia to Eliza: "You silly punk!"

I love how Eliza calls both of us either "Mamadaddy", "Daddymama", or sometimes "Moddy".

My daughters have graciously confirmed for me yet again that ironing is a complete waste of my time.

loathes the frustration that comes with watching your child reduced to sobs because she doesn't want to try some food that I KNOW she will love once its in her mouth.

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