Friday, March 9, 2012

ye olde facebook statuses

Doing dishes at sink. Small boy saunters into room carrying a framed picture from my side table. Casually reaches up to grab a full cup of water off my kitchen table. Wiping up mess. Small boy is slapping the puddle happily. He smells suspicious. This is what I get for installing child locks on all my kitchen cupboards and drawers.

I appreciate that our crayons are non-toxic, but I wish they could be infused with essential vitamins too, since they are such a staple of our son's diet.

Theia just informed me that she is going to help "un-dust" the living room.

Until his bottle is safely in his hands, Emeth behaves as if he thinks I am just going through the motions of preparing it in order to taunt him. Crazy kid.

Eliza sneezed while eating breakfast, then came out with "Mama, I blessed my pancake right out of my mouth." (It was true, unfortunately.)

took Emeth outside today so he could get some variety in his diet. Dirt and a few rocks made for a nice change from the usual crayon bits and shriveled up peas from under the table.

Special brand-new-one-year-old accomplishment of the day: removing diaper and peeing out through the bars of the crib during naptime. (dec. 6, 2011)

Eliza just made me a card with a picture of a zoo on it. I asked her what animals were pictured. Without hesitation, she pointed to the animals and said, "This is a calliline, and this is a burkel." She's great :).

I challenge anyone anywhere to accomplish less in more amount of time than I can.

Pushing the screens out of every open window within his reach has become an important daily item on Emeth's to-do list

Theia: "Did Jonah have a wife?" Me: "I don't think the bible tells us whether he had a wife." Ingrid: "Maybe Mary was his wife!" Eliza: "No, Ingrid. Mary was *God's* wife."

Four long-haired females and hardwood floors do not mix well. Not to mention all the synthetic doll hair! It seems their are dustballs the size of Kansas tumbleweeds rolling through here no matter how often I sweep. At least there is one household member not contributing to the situation. ;)

One barbie shoe in the mouth, and one clenched in each fist. Emeth is very industrious about his little-brother-ly duties this morning.

Is listening to the girls one-up each other with tales of their "terrible dreams" from last night.

I question my effectiveness when I give Emeth my warning "no-no finger," and he playfully bites it.

I love watching babies express themselves pre-speech. Emeth waves his arms and yells at the top of his lungs (in a good way) every time a gust of wind hits him while we walk. He won't tell me verbally how that makes him feel once he starts talking, but for now I understand him perfectly, and I totally agree :).

Emeth is now saying three words: "Dad," "Dog," and "Duck." Never mind that all three are pronounced identically

Emeth apparently thinks I've become too relaxed during his diaper changes. A little reminder of the dangers of changing boys was in order.

Emeth is walking around the house, handling forbidden items, while sternly saying "Don't touch!"

Overheard: "Let's pretend Mommy and Daddy are going on a date, and Cruella DeVil is our babysitter."

Annoyance: When the erasers have been chewed off of all the pencils - even the unsharpened ones.

Theia to our dinner guests last night: "There's a dead pig shoulder in that - but don't worry, it tastes REALLY good."

Emeth is convinced that the bathroom is the most exciting room in the house, and nothing will persuade him otherwise.

February marks the beginning of my allergy season. Emeth is trying his best to imitate my uncharacteristically violent sneezes. He gets a kick out of them.

Still a little unclear as to why Ingrid thought it would be a good thing to throw Emeth's brand new sandals in the trash....

Heading out for a date, hear Eliza caution the babysitter, "you better not make us watch any adult movies while they're gone!" - We'll have to explain later that to Eliza, "adult movie" = "Secretariat"

Sometimes it's fun to switch on dance music in the car just to watch Emeth rock out the moves from his carseat.

Eliza's response when she went to greet Emeth after his nap and found his bedroom door locked: "Well, I guess we'll never see him again. Too bad."

Me: "Ingrid, why is this skirt out here on the floor?" Ingrid: "It just camed out by itself." Me: "You mean it just grew legs and walked out here?" Ingrid: "Uh-huh."

Theia to Eliza: (apologetically) Sorry, there's kind of a lot of dragons in this house." Eliza: (understandingly) "That's alright, our house is like that too."

Eliza is singing a very disjointed but mostly sentimental song, loosely based on "The Hokey-Pokey." Yes, it is as strange as it sounds.


Bert Ernie said...

It's so much better picturing all these comical episodes since we've just been there and, happily, enjoyed these little munchkins. We're so proud of your family. May God continue to bless you.

Charlotte said...

I can't imagine how the kids are growing.

Merry christmas to you from an old reader who live in Belgium