Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Catching up on Pictures

Today, at the park

3 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Eliza's hair is long enough for pigtails now!

Last time at the park without long sleeves...

What would you do with this head of hair?

Why is my daddy acting so wierd?


Nyla said...

These are great shots! The pony tails are so adorable! Nice to see you posting again! It is hard to keep up isn't it? Hope you are dong well!

Our Little Family said...

I LOVE the shot of Ingrid's smile... so sweet! How was your date the other night? Was it wonderful?

Michelle said...

Oh my word, Ingrid is JUST PRECIOUS!! Time is going way too quickly, my friend! And the curls?? They are adorable! Just let them do their thing! I'm hoping this one has curly hair (like mine). So far, we have neapolitan girls (reddish, blonde and brown), but no curls.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

They are all so beautiful!

What would I do with that hair?? Just what you did - put it in pigtails! It's gorgeous!!

I am amazed you managed to get a picture with all three girls... I tried that once when Eliza was a new-ish baby, it wasn't pretty. :)


Bert Ernie said...

I can only blubber at what we're missing. Ingrid is SO SWEET. Eliza is SO SWEET. Theia is SO SWEET. We must have the most beautiful grandchildren in all the world. (Sigh!)