Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mostly for Grandma

Ingrid's Grandpa and Grandma in Pennsylvania still haven't seen their granddaughter so I thought I would post this video of Ingrid and this adorable little nephew of mine. Ethan was so delighted to have his very own little human to play with when he visited earlier this week.

This is a sad day because I am getting ready to say good-bye to my husband for three days. He's going down to scope out the territory we will be moving into in January. This will be the first time we've even spent one night apart. I will not stay at home alone with the girls. Us girls are all packing up and heading to Aunt Robin's after church tomorrow. Goody!


Bert Ernie said...

Precious, priceless, cute, adorable, wonderful, sweet, so dear, delightful, just what grandmas need; all this, and I couldn't even find the sound...♥
Thank you! :o)

Jen S said...

I can't believe that you are moving! I know what that's like, expect that I moved across country as soon as I got married. It's a bummer being so far away from family, but it makes time with them when we have it all the more special!