Monday, June 15, 2009

There is no great loss without some small gain.

Take a good, hard look at this picture, because there are two things in it that will likely never be seen again
by human eyes.
Recently we attended a lovely get-together with
some good friends from church. We enjoyed a cookout, played in the pool (with a view of the bay), and ripped it up on our friends' jet-skis. It was the first time I had every been on a jet-ski, and I'm already hungering for more.
After I took a highly enjoyable, but tightly controlled ride, Jessie and his buddy Rob decided to take the jet-skis out and allow them to realize their full potential. Now, Rob is one who is very experienced at jet-ski tomfoolery, so at some point he spun his ride around at high speed in close proximity to Jessie's ride, so as to drench him with salt water, and awaken in him an intense desire for revenge. Unfortunately, Jessie is not one who is very experienced at jet-ski tomfoolery. Consequently, when he went in for the kill, he hit Rob's wake and was thrown off his ride through the air (in slow-motion, I am told) and backwards through the water for about ten yards. When he surfaced Rob immediately observed that Jessie's glasses were missing, but it wasn't until they were back on land that Jessie realized his wedding band was also AWOL.
As you can see, while Jessie was off disencumbering himself of several hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise, I was partaking in tamer pursuits, all the while remaining in possession of both my glasses, and my wedding band.
At least we have the assurance from Rob, that Jessie did indeed get him soaking wet with the fateful maneuver, so we can take comfort in the fact that his valuables were lost in a worthy endeavor. And, perhaps somewhere in the bay of Tampa there is a dolphin now sporting a very sharp pair of spectacles, and a size 11 white gold men's wedding ring.
So, look well, because we have already
discovered that the frames Jessie lost
(which we both really liked, and he had
owned for less than a year) are no longer
available. And you can be sure that,
when given an opportunity do purchase
a new ring, Jessie will not go for the
same old style he's been sporting for
almost four years.


Robby said...

I love you Holly. You make everything funnier.

Kathy - mom of many said...

Holly, it sounds like you can laugh about it now...I, on the other hand, am feeling revenge on your husband's behalf. I have to learn not to take up an offense for others, lol.
The things grown men will do for so-called fun.
Thanks for your prayers for my mom. And about organizing the master bedroom...what do you think about a rule that no little people are allowed in your room? I know all yours are little, but I have recently instituted a "no child under 7" rule. I have to be consistent because they seem to think I'm not serious and they come waltzing in all the time. When I was growing up, a friend of mine wasn't allowed in her parents' bedroom. I thought that was harsh but now I can understand the need for it.
Thanks for visiting again.
P.S. The pool and bay picture is lovely.

Jessie's Girls said...

I can't be too hard on him because I'd probably have been out there doing the same thing if I weren't too wimpy ;).

~*Michelle*~ said...

All in the name of a fun filled day....I love how you can laugh about it. And when it comes down to it.....what can ya do? It happened.

My husband lost his wedding band at a motocross track.....and being the OCD nut that I am, I scoured that track for two weeks determined to find it. I would have resorted to buying a metal detector but thought that I might as well keep the money and put it towards a new ring. *sigh*

stuff is just stuff......memories last forever. ;)

Our Little Family said...

That is a hilarious rendition of what could be a bitter story! It is good that you can be light-hearted about it although, at one point, I am sure, that was not so easy! I once lost the center ruby from my ruby ring that Leighton gave me for Valentine's day (and happens to be the birth stone of my eldest). I was devastated and Leighton knew it was accidental so he was not angry... but then, my wonderful friend, Karyn T. found it and I think the ferocity of my attack almost caused it second demise! All is well though... the ring is restored!

gina said...

I thought that story was going to have a much more horrific ending- "valuables" now THEY can be replaced.

Michelle said...

Eegads, I feel your pain. Years ago Monk had lost a bunch of weight (he has since regained that weight and then some, but that's neither here nor there) and his wedding band was getting too big. We kept *talking* about having it resized, but just never got around to it.
One night Monk went into the wooded creek area behind our house trying to find My Boy and his friend, who were fishing. He slipped on an embankment, his arm flew up into the air and oopsie - so did his wedding band! He looked and looked, but never found it. It's been at least 5 years and I'm sad to say we still haven't replaced it. ::hanging head in shame:: However, we do joke that there's a little Gollum type creature in our creek, crouching down, holding "his precious". ha!