Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Babblings

Beautiful girl

with a butterfly tattoo

brilliantly befrocked

by her own bidding

with a bow in the back

boldly wearing beads bobbing curls in hairbows brooding at the base of a tree

blowing bubbles

on her birthday


Earthscape Farm said...
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Earthscape Farm said...

Love these pics! 3 short years ago...

Bert Ernie said...

Oh, dear. How many times did I realize today was her birthday, and it was so busy I forgot to call our darling Theia. The pictures are precious. Thank you. And please forgive me.

Love, Mom Wert

Our Little Family said...

She is growing up too fast...! I used to love birthdays but I am now growing to dislike them greatly!

Nadya said...

Those are magical pictures!