Monday, July 20, 2009

Conversation Between Theia and the Clerk at the 1-hour Photo Counter

Clerk: "Well, aren't you a cutie! What's your name? Theia: "My name is Ariel" Clerk: "Well, isn't that pretty!" Me: (interjecting) "That isn't really her name..." Clerk: (laughing) "Oh, that's great!" (pointing to Eliza) "What's her name?" Theia: "That's Aurora. We live in a castle." Clerk: (doubling over and slapping the counter) "She is just too much!" (pointing to Ingrid) "Well then what's her name?" Theia: "She's just Ingrid. She's just a baby." Poor Ingrid.


Katy and Phil said...

Poor Ingrid! I will call her Cinderella the best princess :)

Bert Ernie said...

That's a cute story. I just love those girls SO much. And I also love the music on your blog, Holly. You know what? I just love you too! And our Jessie, too, of course! May God bless your day. Love, Dad & Mom

Penny said...

I've told this story to so many people. I really miss you all!