Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Musical Family

For Valentine's Day this year my husband completely surprised me by having this picture touched up and enlarged for framing. He also ordered the perfect frame for it, which unfortunately was the wrong size when it arrived, but that will soon be remedied. This picture is from my college days when I and my fellow musical siblings would pick up occasional gigs from various referrals. On this occasion, (L to R) Rachel, Todd, myself, and Philip were invited to play at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. I love the Detroit skyline in the background. It makes us look like a very sharp, metropolitan group of young people; which we are, of course. I'm feeling rather sentimental about Detroit these days. I miss listening to Paul W. and Frank Beckmann every day on WJR. And I miss the familiar streets and sights, Woodward Avenue, Main Street in Royal Oak, etc. But I miss the people in this picture a whole heckuva lot more than I miss the city. And I take great pride in them too. Todd and Rachel are both talented and accomplished pianists who have pursued their music much farther than I have and are both excellent at their instrument. And Philip is a crazy-talented violinist, so much so that the judges at his last juries laughed out loud while he played some particularly complicated passages at a break-neck speed because it was so absurd for him to be making no mistakes. I have two other brothers, Warren and Landon, who play the cello and violin, respectively, who were not accomplished enough yet (or old enough) to play when this picture was taken. I am so glad that I have this picture to help me recall the time when I was still involved in the musical exploits of our family. At the time I often viewed it as a burden because I was already so busy being a full-time music major, and holding down a part time job. Even though it was sometimes the absolute height of aggravation, it was a gift to be able to do something I love with people that I love. I have amazing siblings. Sometimes my heart just overflows with pride and love for all of them. When you have nine that are all so wonderful, the emotions can be pretty overwhelming.


Kathy - mom of many said...

I was reading this post with one of my 3 year olds on my lap. He pointed at the photo and said, "Is that Stevie?" He thought your brother Philip was his brother Stevie. Funny, they do look very much alike. And, my son plays the violin too.

Michelle said...

Okay the Woodward Ave you talk about the same one that runs through Pontiac?? If so, them we were strangely close! I grew up in Waterford if that means anything to you.

4under3 said...

No way!!!

NINE siblings?? That's so awesome!!

And an amazing group, it sounds like. Were your parents musical influences in your lives?

And, I can't believe you forgot your camera at the hotel. I sighed a sigh of relief when I read that your sis came to the rescue.