Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Middle Child

This little girl is just growing up way too fast! This is Eliza in February 2008. Such a delightful little pink-cheeked baby.
And this is Eliza last week. She is running, jumping, talking, singing, feeding herself with a fork, and pretending to be a dog. She is still sucking her thumb and she still climbs up on Mommy's lap to snuggle several times a day. I love that she still does this!
Eliza is a very motherly little soul. She treats all her dolls with great tenderness and speaks to them very softly. She likes to make sure that all of the toys of the household are properly nourished and hydrated.
This is not limited to "living" toys. Hairbrushes need love too.
Eliza is also our biggest eater at the moment. Jessie and I often share our food with her off of our plate and she usually ends up eating more than we do. That's why we're so skinny (Harharhar). She surprises me with her undiscriminating taste too. I recently discovered that she is quite fond of tomato soup. In fact, we started feeding it to her with a straw for ease of passage. She slurps down a whole bowl without coming up to breathe.

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Jen S said...

Super sweet. I love the cute things little ones do . . . giving water to a hairbrush. Love it. She is a doll! All your girls are!