Friday, March 13, 2009

If your right eye offends you...

Up till now I have escaped the scourge of seasonal allergies. Every spring and summer of my life I have watched my afflicted loved ones grow wheezy, red, itchy, and drippy while I sailed merrily along, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, all the while trying to seem as concerned and sympathetic as possible. Not so anymore. I have joined the club and upgraded my membership to the insanely itchy eye package. My right eye in particular. The form of treatment I have found to be most effective is to rub it incessantly with my knuckle take Benadryl. I do not like taking Benadryl for the following reasons 1) I am nursing and I worry about medications affecting Ingrid 2) The side effects work even better than the relief and I don't need to be any more tired than I already am with a baby who thinks she needs a snack at least 3 times most nights and a husband who is recovering from abdominal surgery (that's right, no lifting). I'm wondering if there are any eye drops that would help allergy itching at all. I used some Dry Eyes drops that didn't help at all. Anybody know? This is an unexpected side effect of moving to Florida.


girlebert said...

Hey Holly
I suffer (ed) from allergies- quite often- I found with my itchy itchy eyes- was to take distilled/purified water- and just splash it into my face- it worked amazingly- I also take a non drowsy- allergy pill- we have them here in canada- but I don't know what you have in the states:)
All the best!

Our Little Family said...

Holly, I feel your pain... literally! I did a LOT of research about breastfeeding compatible allergy medications since mine are so severe. Over the counter Actifed has the best safety rating and has been shown to have little to no affect on nursing babies. If you have a walgreens, they have it! It has worked pretty well for me for the last 2 years... Also, Visine allergy eyes worked well for my eyes OR a prescription strength drop that I can't remember the name of... Good luck though!