Saturday, March 7, 2009

...In which we receive visitors, and have a lovely frolic at the beach.

Last week we had the pleasure of entertaining our first house guests since we moved to Florida. Its lousy that we don't live nearby, but quite fortunate that we actually live somewhere that people would want to visit, especially during these months. They were the best houseguests ever. They even spent a night of their stay babysitting so we could go on a date!
Jessie had to be at a meeting the day John, Penny, and Ethan arrived so I had to pack up
all three girls in our minivan to pick them up from the airport. John had to sit between two carseats for the 45 minute ride. Theia and Eliza were thrilled with this arrangement.
It was fun to add a boy to the lineup for five days.
Ethan is such a delightful little guy to have around.
The girls love to make him laugh, and they're pretty good at it.
We went to the beach on the one day that the weather cooperated with us.
The mean meteorologists went and changed their minds on us again.
(who do they think they are, anyway?)
With my sister Penny (who is a gem among women)
and our babies.
Ethan was diggin' the sand.
Is that a cute nephew or what!
Speaking of really hot mamas and perfect beach shots,
how bout this one? Ingrid's first feel of the ocean. She loved it!
Penny, John, and Ethan


Hot Belly Mama said...
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mayaluna said...

It's so nice to have lovely friends visit! I'm so glad you even got in a date... how impressive and important for you and Jesse. I'm in awe of your mothering... three in such a short time. Your girls are beautiful! What a joy and challenge it must all be. I look forward to the next time I peek in on your adventures. On a side note: your playlist is the very first one of any blog I've ever visited that has so many of my favorites... Crazy Man Michael was just playing and now Patsy Cline!

mayaluna said...

p.s. sorry for the typo on Jessie's name! :)

amanda said...

looks like fun. makes me long for summer here. although it is not quite as beautiful at a lake in wisconsin. but close enough. :0)

Katy and Phil said...

Looks like you had a great time with Penny! Did you hit up Myakka State Park at all?

Michelle said...

Do you know how fortunate you are??!! What I wouldn't give for some sand and ocean right now! ha! It's not cold here, but there is something so relaxing about the warm sand and mesmerizing ocean. Unless, of course you have 3 little girls running and shreiking about sand in their eyes and another one screaming to be nursed. Then it's just fun. :0)

Bert Ernie said...

Dear Holly,

We continually enjoy checking out your blog. It's always a joy to read, and the pictures are award-winning, at least.

How wonderful that Penny and John could make it down with Ethan. That will help to fill in the lonely times, just remembering their visit.

Keep up the great work. We love you all. May God continue to bless your efforts.

Penny said...

Aaaah, we had so much fun with you all! Wish we could be there still...