Friday, January 14, 2011

ye olde facebook statuses

After days of relentless begging, I finally made the time to sit down and have a tea party with the girls yesterday. Did this satiate their thirst for tea parties? By no means! They are back at it with a vengeance.

I love that Ingrid has to bark at every dog she sees when we're out and about.

I choose going to Walmart the day before Thanksgiving with 3 toddlers in tow and a full-term baby in utero as my form of purgatory for the day. Light a candle for me.

If I had a dollar for every stranger who's told me they're sure I'm having a boy throughout all 4 of my pregnancies...

Eliza somehow managed to bite through both her lip and her tongue today. Two separate falls. Poor little disastrous child. :(

Jessie called Eliza a "little corker", and she responded (quite innocently) by calling him a "little porker".

Following are the statuses we posted at the beginning of active labor,
after the birth, and the next morning. We were on the naughty list with our fb friends for not revealing the sex for over 12 hours :)

Really? Already? Bring it on! :)

As of 9:48 tonight, we are a family of 6. Everything went great!

So, what does one DO with a boy? :)


Theia, while holding Emeth this morning: "He loves me so much - and he thinks I'm so pretty." ........What am I raising?

Theia and Eliza are both very concerned about Emeth's lack of teeth. They have both said that the reason he cries is because he has no teeth.

(although Eliza usually refers to him as "she" or "it").

I had forgotten how infants automatically make you 20 minutes late for everything

(on a good day).

Theia: "God watches out for us cause he's really big, right?"

Me: "He watches out for us because He loves us.
" Theia: "Yeah, and also because He's a really big guy, and He doesn't want to step on us."

Overheard: Theia to E & I: (enthusiastically) "Let's go look at that dead lizard in our room again!" Moments later... All in unison, gleefully: "Eeeeeeeeeewww!"

We took Emeth to church for the first time today.
He slept angelically for about 10 minutes, then spent the rest of the time with mama in the nursery, where he could grunt loudly to his heart's content.

[stolen from my brother's status the morning after the girls spent the night at their house]

As I am pouring her syrup this morning, Eliza informs me: "Uncle Pat, I will obey you. I won't even hit you."

Eliza and Ingrid both refer to all varieties of nuts as "almuts"

- sort of a hybrid of almonds and walnuts (?).

I love hearing the girls call each other "my little honey" when they play together.

Mealtimes are feeling more and more like purgatory these days. Seriously NONE of my children like sweet potatoes?? That hardly seems fair.

If Ingrid introduced our family to you, you would know us as Sayah, Yaza, Ingan, Emiff, and Mama and Daddy (Or the interchangeable "Moddy").

Ingrid to Jessie: "Mama has hair, you have a head!"

Hey you. Didn't I just get done telling everybody what a good baby you are?

I am washing our sheets for the third time in as many days. Babies (especially boys) are hard on sheets.

Theia: "I'm afraid Emeth's gonna get sick, cuz I'm sure I saw Daddy kiss him on the cheek yesterday." (in response to being reminded that "We only kiss babies on the head.")

For Eliza, anything that happened in the past was either yesterday, or last night, whether it was 4 hours ago, or 4 months ago. [and I have to include this comment from my sister, who posted in response an example of a typical conversation with Eliza] "Hey, hey. Knowwat Aunt Robin? I saw a alligator yesterday" - "Really? In our house?" - "Yep. And it was eating blueberry pancakes, Daddy put diapers on it." - "Wow. When did that happen again, Eliza?" - "Last night"

I can't imagine why this piece of hair over my shoulder should be so stiff and crusty. hmm....

Theia: "Maybe I won't get married, I might just stay here forever.... buuuuut, I really like wearing wedding dresses."

Toys with "Parental assembly required" should really specify a minimum IQ for the assisting parent.

Eliza: "Dad! Firemans live on trees! Did you know that?"
...You learn something new every day...

Play-doh is meant to be used once, and then thrown away, right?

And the brilliant quote of the day goes to Jessie: "Ingrid! If you'd just be still, you'd quit moving around like that!"

Bathtime for Mr. Emeth; who knows what might be lurking in those lovely neck rolls of his...

(Hopefully not) overheard while eating out tonight: Eliza: "Daddy, don't worry, that's just my bottom makin' noise." - Jessie: "I won't. Please eat your supper.


Rachel said...

This had me cracking up.
Kids are so funny.
And I think its cool you have tea parties I cannot remember my parents getting down and playing with us even once.
Your kids are also very adorable.

Charlotte said...

kids words are memorable.

don't forget them

*Jess* said...

totally funny!

Mike and Katie said...

I love this idea especially when I'm low on material and time for post.

The family picture turned out great!