Monday, January 17, 2011

favorite of the week - safari friends slippers

The only thing better than dressing well yourself, is dressing your kids cutely. I just like looking at them and thinking "Cuuuuuuuuute!" even on days when their hair is dishevelled, possibly caked with syrup, and they chose their own clothing. So I'm so glad we got the girls these slippers for Christmas, from GAP, which never fail to elicit a mental "Cuuuuuuuuuuute!" from me when they are wearing them.


And that is certainly preferable to "Oh my, would you just look at the filth on the bottoms of those socks?!" I don't need any more reminders of how dirty my floors are.

I said (months ago) that I thought I might make this "favorite of the week" a regular thing around here, then I promptly forgot about it. But I like it. It's nice to take a moment to appreciate something I already have, might have even had for a long time, instead of wishing for something else that I don't have. If you gotta be materialistic, try to do it with materials that are already on hand ;).


thegrays4life said...

I really like your last sentence. I should remember that one!! But hey, where are Emeth's??? :-)

Rachel said...

Adorable slippers and cute little feet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your sweet hello, Holly! I love the Gap slippers...makes me want girls!! ;)

You too have a beautiful family. Blessings to you all...

I look forward to following each other!