Saturday, January 22, 2011

cell phone images alert

Usually I would not soil my blog with grainy cell phone photos, but if I'm crazy enough about the subjects, I can look past the photo quality once in a while.
Exhibit A
I was lucky enough to have not just one, but two handsome dates last night; our first date since the night Emeth was born (although I don't think dates that happen while in active labor should really count). They were both extremely well-behaved throughout the evening. We ate at Outback Steakhouse, and the hostess asked if we needed a children's menu. Um, no, he'll just have what I'm having (later). After supper we went shopping and I bought a pair of skinny jeans - my first pair. I am very behind the times. Suffice it to say, at 6 weeks post-partum they do not make me feel skinny.
Exhibit B

Ingrid, pretending to be (in her words) "a dead mermaid". I mean, obviously - as if that even needed an explanation, right?


Danna said...

Cute pictures! My middle daughter does funny things like that too!

Mike and Katie said...

I still don't own any skinny jeans. I'm going to let that train pass me by. My boys wore them for about a year and they have moved on too. Yeah!

Jessie's Girls said...

Good for you! I thought the same thing too, and I did feel slightly like I had "given in" last night. But I am definitely all about boys *not* wearing skinny jeans, ever. :)