Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bring on the babies!

Alternately titled 1 down, 5 to go.

You may remember that I had previously shared that I am one of six expectant mothers at our church in my pregnancy announcement post. Well, one of five now, to be exact.

This picture was taken two weeks ago at Kim's baby shower (3rd from right). The baby boom has now officially begun! Isabel (2nd from right) and her husband Will welcomed James Raymond yesterday morning. I hear rumblings that the next of us will not be far behind. I am 2nd to last in line (by two days) in the due date lineup.

Most exciting, for me, is my sister's upcoming due date. I will be flying to Michigan alone for three days next week in hopes of seeing my new niece or nephew, possibly even attending the birth if he or she has not arrived before I get there. Penny and I were pregnant together two years ago when Ethan was born four months before Ingrid. I attended his birth, and it was amazing. Penny worked so hard for him! I can't wait to meet whoever it is that she is carrying so attractively in her pregnant belly. Seriously, she should be America's Next Top *Pregnant* Model.

Penny and Ethan

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