Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ingrid Graduates

Last Wednesday Ingrid had a big milestone.
She moved up from the cradle roll class
to the 2's and 3's class.

Ingrid has been in that class since we moved here,
when she could barely hold her head up.
She's had the same two awesome teachers
all the way through.

Miss Bev and Miss Sharon definitely
go above and beyond
and take teaching infants very seriously.

They put so much thought and effort into
instilling Jesus' love
and developing a familiarity with the
bible at a young age.

Her teachers are so devoted to their little crew,
that they met us by the nursery door
on Wednesday night
with this sweet scrapbook page,

and watched along with us,
their parents, as their little charges
marched nonchalantly into the 2's and 3's room,
as if they'd been doing it
their whole 2 years of life.

Thank you Lord

for special people who love my children.

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