Friday, September 17, 2010

painted pigs

I'm not a big fan of painting. For one thing, especially with a ratio of 3 toddlers to 1 mom, its messy. For another thing, I never know what to do with the, er, art, once its completed. Plus, its messy.

So, I decided that, for now, painting should only be done with purpose, and preferably with 2-parent supervision. But, the girls LOVE painting, and frequently request it. So, I thought I'd better set about finding a purpose. And we found one in aisle 6 of JoAnn Fabrics. Pigs. Contrary to the claim of the cat from "Babe", that "pigs don't really have a purpose", I think we'll all agree that pigs really do have a purpose. For one, they are tasty. For two, they are handy for stashing coins in if they are hollow and made of ceramic.

It cracks me up that Eliza simply cannot keep her tongue in her mouth when she's engrossed in a project.

I rather like the color scheme that Ingrid chose for her pig, and the end result was, I think, my favorite of the three.

Theia's advanced years show when she's doing this type of project. You can tell she actually started out with an idea in mind of how she wanted her pig to look.

Then there was Eliza's pig, which Jessie promptly dubbed "The Hogstrosity".

All finished and set aside to dry.

We finished up the project the next day with googly eyes and $1.95 apiece.

Theia was not pleased when she found out the coins she had deposited were intended to stay inside the pig indefinitely.

I don't remember exactly why there were tears involved, but I'm sure there must have been a very good reason.


*Jess* said...

the girls did such a great job!! And I don't like the mess of painting either :) I hope that doesn't make us bad moms!

Bert Ernie said...

Very nice! Joy and I are impressed with the pigs. They can paint some time when they come and visit Grandpa and Grandma. We have gotten little painting projects for their cousins. So, of course, they need some too (when they come, of course).

Keep up the good work! Love to all.

Shaune said...

I had bought the three pigs for my Eliza when she was 3 or 4. As with you, everything needs a purpose. Being the only child, we painted a lot. With the pigs, I painted one, her dad painted one, and she painted one. They are now labeled savings, spending, and church. She loves them, although the bottom stoppers are tricky for little hands. Great idea Holly!