Monday, November 15, 2010

36 weeks

Think I'll make it to 40?

I do have a very good track record.

Just for kicks, HERE is me at 35 weeks with Ingrid.

Now I probably just opened myself up to comments predicting my baby's gender based on how I am carrying the same/differently with this pregnancy :).

Feel free to chip in, if you feel so inclined, but I always find that game highly amusing and entirely irrational. I especially enjoy that complete strangers tell me I am having a boy just about every time I go out in public. Mind you, this has happened with every pregnancy, and you've probably noticed, I don't have any boys.

My favorite comment of that nature so far in this pregnancy came from a browser at my garage sale two weeks ago. "Oh, you're definitely having a boy this time..." she assured me confidently, "...because, you've got hips." Who could argue with that kind of unassailable logic? And what pregnant woman doesn't love observations regarding the size of her hips?


HelenClyde said...

Okay, so I like to play along: During my girl pregnancies, I never liked how I looked. I thought my skin and hair and pretty much everything else looked poorly.

When I was pregnant with my twin boys, I felt like the shiniest star all the time. My gran said, that´s because "boys give their mothers beauty, while girls steal it for themselves". Ahem.

However, you look beautiful on the pic - so maybe it´s a boy?

Jen S said...

You look fantastic! I agree with whoever said whether it's a boy or a girl, it will definitely be adorable! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!

For me there was definitely a difference, but I only had three. Totally sick with morning sickness with both girls and seemed to gain weight all over. With my son, the morning sickness was much less severe and it seemed like I didn't puff out everywhere as much. I also "had a feeling" all three times about the sex and was right all three times. :)

*Jess* said...

you are so adorable!! :)

Mike and Katie said...

Helen, I've heard that one about the girls. In fact, some one may have said to me, "You look terrible. It must be a girl."

When people would ask my cousin,"Do you know what you're having?" She would reply, "A baby." (In a really sweet way, of course.)

You'll know soon enough.