Monday, November 22, 2010

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Eliza finally got it through her head that you don't answer "Yes Sir!" to a woman. She now answers me with "Yes Man."

Whenever Ingrid wakes up from her nap before her sisters do, you can tell she feels a great weight of responsibility. She never fails to rise to the occasion and ensure that there is enough noise and mischief produced to compensate for her sisters' absence.

Wise ponderings of Theia: "We shouldn't get mad and lose our temperatures. We should have good temperatures, not bad temperatures."

Ingrid appears in our bedroom doorway promptly at 6:45 [on Saturday morning], climbs into bed with us, and immediately asks "I'm so cute, right Momma?" Well, yes. Not as cute as you would be at 8, but quite cute nonetheless.

Eliza was having some *ahem* "gas issues" at the dinner table tonight. She was scowling deeply, so Jessie asked her what was wrong. She replied, with great irritation, "My chair keeps burping on me."

Its cute, but kind of sad when Ingrid covers her eyes with her hands every time we walk by the life-size, animated Grim Reaper in Sams Club.

I am such a BAD MOM. I apparently put the skirt on Ingrid's lamb THE WRONG WAY. There is nothing that could ever make it right again, judging from Ingrid's reaction. Things will never be the same.

Eliza: (whining)"Mo-o-o-om! I have jelly on my hand!" Me: "Well, just lick it off!" Theia: "But we aren't supposed to lick other people. You only want us to lick ourselves." Hmm, that wasn't exactly the message I wanted her to take away from my suggestion...

Eliza: "I growed up, so my name is Theia now."

‎"Thanks Daddy, you're a cutie pie!" Eliza is very generous with her compliments, however misapplied they may be at times.

On the way to church Theia theologizes from the back seat "We have to help people who aren't nice to us, not just the kind ones." Eliza, with great conviction, chimes in "No Theia! We don't help people who are mean to us!"

I love sneezing and then hearing three girls cry out "Bless you, Mama!" in enthusiastic unison.

Well, I put lunch on the table, and no one cried. It is a good day.

Theia was very excited after class at church tonight to tell us about how Jesus fed so many people with just 5 loaves of bread and "two loaves of fish". :) I love her excitement.

We finished our lesson on insects today by modeling an ant using play-doh, toothpicks, and twist-ties. I left the table for a few minutes and came back to find that our ant had mutated into a many-spined monster that was truly terrifying.

It is so motivating to be cleaning the house with a 3-year old tagging behind, proclaiming "This house STINKS!", in a tone of deep disgust.

I hope Eliza has better dreams tonight; we've been hearing about "the bad man with fire all over him" ALL day.

Theia to Eliza: "I know! Lets pretend we're milking a rabbit!"

I wish this baby didn't feel it necessary to perform "Riverdance" in its entirety every morning from about 2 to 4 am.

Eliza has taken on the role of Daddy's personal trainer. She hovers over him while he's doing crunches saying "Okay,one more time, Daddy!" and, "Daddy, you're awesome!"

We were awakened at 4 am by a barely awake Eliza, running down the hall and screaming for her daddy. She went right back to sleep after being tucked in, and this morning, when asked about it, she explained that a dinosaur was tickling her chin, and she didn't like that.

Theia really needs to fine-tune her entrapment skills. She thinks she's so subtle, but she's not :).


*Jess* said...

these were so funny!

Mike and Katie said...

"Riverdance!" How appropriate!

I love their language development. It is so different with boys. So I'm looking forward to all the little girl chatter.