Thursday, December 23, 2010

Emeth's Birth according to Clay

I promise I am working on the actual detailed account of Emeth's birth from my perspective. I had the chance to do some writing during our 3 day trip home while I wasn't engaged in backseat conflict resolution. But until I finish it, enjoy this account from the perspective of my 7 yr. old nephew, Clayton. Its a much better (and briefer) read, I assure you. Click image to enlarge.

Disclaimer: Although I make my fair share of noise during labor, and especially while pushing - with no apologies, everyone who was present agrees that at no point did any of those noises deserve to be labelled as "screeching". Thanks, Clay.


Bert Ernie said...

Clayton is to be commended, not only for his very interesting read, but for his neat manuscript and accurate account. Good job, Clay!

And, of course, good job, Holly!

Mike and Katie said...

That's pretty funny!

When I was in the middle of pushing with my first baby a friend of our showed up outside the door.

"I hear the baby! I hear the baby!"

"No. That's Katie."

Nadya said...

pretty funny! I am so impressed by Clay's journal - wow to a 7-year-old! Holly, I'd like to hear those sounds - screeching is a pretty strong word:)