Monday, December 27, 2010


How do the girls feel about their new baby brother?



and excited.

These pictures are over two weeks old. Sorry they are so late in coming. Emeth is just over 3 weeks now, and he's definitely looking plumper, older, and clearer than he did when these were taken.

Life is BUSY. But that's partly because we got home with barely enough time to scrape Christmas preparations together for our family. Its definitely been a happy busy. Once December is over, I guess we'll find out what life with four is really like.


J and K Smith said...

I think my favorite part of these pictures (besides the beautiful children, of course) are the anxiously folded fingers trying not to touch. Looking forward to seeing you and hoping your transition to four is lovely.

Bert Ernie said...

Such beautiful grandchildren. It's okay the pictures are from a bit ago; you certainly have not been idle. We're just happy that all went well in Michigan and in your travels. We will be chomping at the bit till we can arrange a visit to Florida. ♥