Friday, July 15, 2011

Ye Olde Facebook Statuses

Due to transportation issues and Jessie's very late night, we stayed home and had home church this morning. Half the congregation sat on the preacher's lap.
Eliza: "Theia, do you want to feel me? I'm all sweaty!" Theia politely declined.
Eliza just requested that I do her hair in a "french fry" braid.
Theia: "If I tell you I like what you made for dinner, can I have a piece of candy?" She thinks bribery works both ways.
I really wish I could record how hard Emeth is laughing at Theia right now! He is practically exhausted from laughing.
Eliza does NOT like spretzel butts (spretzel butts = brussels sprouts).
is snuggling with a sick and very out-of-sorts almost four year old who could throw up on her at any moment. Ahh, motherhood.
I think it was too late in the day to start cleaning the girls' room. I wish I'd never opened this Pandora's Box.
In the meat department at Publix tonight, Theia, eager to display her knowledge loudly says "Did you know those are actually animals? But they're all dead!" Yes. Thank you.
On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being complete and utter squalor, and 10 being Howard Hughes like sanitation, where does your house fall? I think mine is below the median.
To hear Theia talk, you'd think Jessie spends all his time at work daydreaming. It's tough being an "Imaginer".
has many things to do, but there is a six month old asleep in my lap, and he's too sweet to put down.
Eliza: "Aren't you so glad that I am your precious little girl?" Am I ever
"I don't want to miss out on my beautiful painted tony-nails" was probably the worst excuse for not taking a nap that I've ever heard from Theia. It didn't work, either.
has discovered that when Theia sweeps the floor, it does not look as good as it does when I do it, but it looks a whole lot better than it does when I don't do it. And I can live with that.
Went into Emeth's room to get him up this morning, and he greeted me by grabbing his crib bars and pulling himself up to stand. Sheesh, he's only 6 and a half months old!
Theia called Kay earlier so they could wish each other a happy birthday. Theia expressed shock when Kay told her it was warm there; "WHAT?! But you live in Michigan, it's ALWAYS cold there! Don't you have any snow right now?" I love eavesdropping on her phone conversations. (this was in June)
Eliza to Penny: "I like your baby. She's fancy."
Theia: "Why do you have to do that?" Jessie: "Because its part of my job." Theia (incredulously): "Its part of your job to work?!"
I love how all three of our girls always refer to their toes as "tootsie-toes".
Okay Emeth, I know you have to grab everything, but do you really have to grab EVERYTHING?!
Came out this morning to see Ingrid lying on the couch, fast asleep. When she woke up Jessie asked why she wasn't in bed, and she explained that there was a "biskeeto" in her room keeping her awake. Smart two year old.
Emeth has this special, shocked-sounding cry he pulls out just for naps. I'm not sure why a nap is such a shocking thing after all this time.
Theia: "...and please help me to be proper. Amen."
Today Theia was looking at a history picture book when she came to me excitedly, saying "Look at this! He looks just like Uncle Warren!" She was pointing to a picture of Amelia Earhart.
Seals are cute, and babies are cute; but babies barking like seals - not cute.

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Bert Ernie said...

As usual, I hadn't seen all of these, and, as usual, they were all enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to post them all. They are priceless.