Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Last Hurrah

Just wrapping up with some pictures from our last stop before bidding farewell to John, Penny, Ethan, and Bexy.

Ethan had been promised that he would see alligators, so a trip to Sawgrass Lake was in order. There are many alligators in the Florida wildlife area of the zoo, but wouldn't you know it, the alligator display was closed on our last visit! It's actually much more exciting to see an animal in it's natural habitat anyways.

Bev came along with us just because she's awesome.

We'd barely even stepped on the bridge

before we spotted one.

(Craning her neck to look at the little guy hiding underneath the bridge.)

We spent some time at the lookout tower

watching the fish and turtles

and just looking plain adorable.

Someone informed us that there was a mother on the nest along the side of the boardwalk nearby.

We had walked right past without noticing her on our way to the tower. Definitely a Big Mama. I had never been that close to a full-grown gator before.

Then we headed back along the boardwalk through the swamp.

It's a pretty magical place.

Especially when you have this crowd with you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Florida! ;)

Bert Ernie said...

Great pictures again. That was a great family picture of John and Penny.