Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 is not a baby number *sniff*

how did this little infant

turn into this little baby

who turned into this little toddler

who turned into this little girl

who turned into this big girl

who turned into this little lady

who turned into this 4 year old ?!?!


I'm still asking myself that question everyday.

But I know I have loved all of them

and will continue to love


she becomes

this year and every year afterwards.

Happy Birthday Theia!


Bert Ernie said...

Such a lovely progression. She has always been (and I'm sure will always be) such a beautiful child.

Thank you, Holly, for taking the time to post these wonderful photos and stories!

I love you, Dear.


Robby said...

Precious!!!! I love this Holly.

Bummy crummy though, about that forgetful aunt who never called yesterday. I'll be calling today for sure!

thegrays4life said...

If you've read I'll Love You Forever, you know that no matter how big they get, they'll always be our babies. And I think they'll always fit in our laps for hugs, if they'll allow it! :-) But yes, I'm so sad to see my baby at 4-1/2 already. It's scary how quickly they get so grown up!

Jen S said...