Sunday, June 13, 2010

photography again

I just wanted to post some of my favorites from three photoshoots Jessie has done recently. He's soaking up the experience that he's been afforded by friends recently. He still has a lot to learn, and a lot of equipment to obtain before he's willing to hang out his shingle. In the meantime he just enjoys his hobby a lot.

The Agnone Family: a wonderful coast guard family from our church, who just last week picked up and moved all the way to California! (insert sadness here) They wanted some images by which to remember their tenure in sunny Florida.

Justin and Robin Edmiaston: finally got some engagement photos of this lovely couple, who have since been married. It was fun to attend their wedding last week and see Jessie's work adorning the tables at their reception!

The Burket Family: I had already previously posted a link to Leslie's blog where she had these posted, but why not look at them again since they're so attractive ;).

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