Monday, August 23, 2010

24 Weeks

Yesterday I was 24 weeks

and it rained outside

so we waited another day to take pictures

and it rained again.

I have definitely grown since 20 weeks.

Although I have a few inconvenient and uncomfortable pregnancy complaints, I think as a whole I am enjoying this pregnancy more than any of my previous pregnancies. The baby's movements are a constant reminder of the life growing inside me - that little person that I am so anxious to meet. I love the added anticipation of not knowing the baby's gender. I know some people really enjoy finding out early on, and calling their child by name throughout their pregnancy, and I can see how that would be great. But for me, I love the mystery surrounding this little person. The absolute knowledge that I will love whoever it is wholly and completely at first sight, regardless of gender.

Although I feel a sense of inevitability that this will be another girl (and I welcome that!), it is exciting to think about the what-ifs of it being a boy. I can't imagine adding a boy to this familly right now. We have such a great girl groove going on. There are a lot of side benefits of having children all of the same gender. I think about it a lot lately. They can always share bedrooms. They can be thrown into the tub together for baths indefinitely. When we went to the disney store on Saturday, we spent the entire time in the princess section, and no one complained. But I know if we have a boy we will embrace all the new experiences that come with it, and marvel at all we were missing out on.

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Minivan Mommy said...

i have two boys (3 and 2) and just welcomed a baby girl 2 months ago.. so i'm in the same boat but backwards (and one less!).