Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Baby Girl

I wish I could just bottle up Ingrid at this age.
I think not having another younger baby (or two!) around has made me realize how babyish almost 2 years old still is. But Ingrid is walking a fine line between babyhood and big-girl-ness. Its so disturbing when she looks at me and rattles off a string of baby talk, which I expect to be just babble, then I suddenly realize that I actually understood every word!
I don't want to see her bouncy little toddler gait turn into a more purposeful and balanced stride. Seeing her run haphazardly down the hall on her chubby little legs, shaking her curls from side to side, is one of my favorite sights.
I don't want her to lose the babyish lack of inhibition and craving for skin-to-skin touch, which causes her to lift my shirt far enough to lay her head directly on my belly when we snuggle, or grab my hand at the table so she can use my arm as a pillow.
But you are 2 today, and I remember how fast your sisters lost their baby-ness after that age. I love watching you learn new things, but can you stay a baby for just a little longer? Say, for four more months?

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