Monday, August 16, 2010

nautical themed baby shower

this past sunday I had the fun of organizing
a nautical themed baby shower
for a lovely woman at my church.
and when I use the word "organizing",
what I mean is:

"shamelessly enlisting and exploiting
the talents and resources of women
who are far more creative than myself."

we have a talented and generous-hearted
group of ladies at our church.

clear limeade/sprite based punch,
complete with toy boat.

there were about 6 or 7 of the little anchor decorations
scattered about. the flags held little sayings:

"ahoy, its a boy!" ~ "daddy's first mate"
"mommy's little mariner" ~ "bon voyage, baby james"
"we sailed the seven seas to find a lad as sweet as he"

nautical themed cut-out cookies:
seagull, lighthouse, anchor, sailboat, fish

crackers with salmon salad garnish

"blessing book"

with little pockets on each page into which we slipped cards with favorite bible verses or blessings for the mother and new baby

our resident banner queen made this awesome banner, great for hanging in little James' nursery too.

this cake blew us all away with its cuteness, and it was delicious too!

we rounded out the theme with lots of nautical decor borrowed from different ladies' homes (not too hard to find in the state of florida)

lifesavers mints

bowls of goldfish were a last minute addition

(they come in multicolored,chocolate, honey graham, and pretzel varieties!)

Isabel arrives

(is she cute or what?!)

i'm glad Agnieszka was brave enough to cut that cake. i certainly didn't want the job!

Isabel and one of her daughters - four girls in this family- first boy makes for a lot of excitement!

many thanks to all the ladies who were a blessing on that day!

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