Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salad for Studs :: Barley Romaine Salad

My husband's latest quest for studliness has involved him cutting a lot of foods out of his diet entirely. This has left me with the challenge to make foods that he enjoys, and that fit all the studly requirements. Truth be told, I've been enjoying it immensely (the studliness and the change in diet).
I love salads in particular, and we've been eating a lot of them. I am of the persuasion that there are hardly any foods that wouldn't go well on a bed of fresh greens.
This salad is one of our favorite concoctions of late. I had discovered it before, out of leftovers from a burrito dinner party. Lately I have just subtracted the cheese (since this is a no-no for studs).

The ingredients are:
cooked barley (cooked in chicken broth)
chopped romaine
black beans
sauteed onion and yellow peppers
chopped cilantro
lemon juice and olive oil

Just throw it all together in whatever combination of quantities that brings you delight. Chopped grilled chicken is also delicious in this salad (and is acceptable for studs).

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