Tuesday, October 19, 2010

32 Weeks

If you've been wondering what circumference I have attained by now,
then wonder no longer.

And if you've noticed the picture quality
getting progressively worse every 4 weeks,

the reason is this; the larger I get,
the less inclined I feel to pose for longer than
about 30 seconds.

Especially if it involves standing on my feet
at the end of the day.


*Jess* said...

It is a beautiful photo of a beautiful mommy :)

J and K Smith said...

I actually like this one. Jessie is getting better with taking pictures inside too. :) Hope you are feeling well and the girls are taking it easy on you.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I'm 2 weeks behind you, and I'm pretty sure my bump doesn't look nearly as cute as yours : ) I should probably get a picture in or two before the baby comes! Good luck moving, too. Having just gone through a big move while preggy, I completely understand the daunting task ahead. At least once you're in your new house your nesting impulse will surpass your lack of energy and ability to bend!