Friday, October 29, 2010

Goodbye, House!

Two years ago we were supremely blessed when we found this house.

Now we must bid it farewell throughout the next week. With a moving date of November 6th, we have very little time to savor our last few days in this house, and in this area. We are excited to move closer to church, and the new home we will be renting is absolutely wonderful. But for now, this is still home, and it takes very little these days to bring out my emotional/sentimental side.

The girls have undergone so much change within these walls.

We have introduced them to new things here,

celebrated Holidays together,

and shared wonderful times with family and friends.

We have had our share of rainy days,

and cozy evenings.

We have romped in your backyard,

And tramped all over the neighborhood.

We will always remember you with great fondness.

And we will go forward to our new home remembering that:

Unless the LORD establishes the house,
they labor in vain who build it.
Psalm 127:1

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Bert Ernie said...

Dear Ones,

We understand. I always get emotionally attached to our houses, no matter how humble they may have been. They still hold the echoes of our children's laughter and their fingerprints on the walls. I have even been known to allow smudges on the windows for months because I know which grandchildren put them there and when. Life is constantly changing; may you love your new home and find much happiness there. We can hardly wait to visit you and get to know it too.

Love to you all.