Monday, October 11, 2010

Rebecca Raelene

Rebecca Raelene

9 lbs ~ 21 inches

Beautiful, squishy little bundle.

Rebecca did not wait for me to arrive in Michigan to make her appearance. She didn't wait on much of anyone, actually. She came the day before my scheduled flight, three days before her due date, 5 minutes before her Aunt Robin made it to the birth center, and just barely after her grandma got there to witness the last push. It was a far cry from her big brother's birth, for which everyone, especially her momma, was very grateful. I was just talking to Penny today about how enjoyable second and subsequent births have been for us. We both put in our hard labor with our firstborns, and now we just get to rest on our laurels and bask in everything that is beautiful and marvelous about birth. I'm not saying that my other births, or Rebbeca's birth were without any challenge, but they presented a challenge that was fun and exciting to embrace, and was easily within our ability to achieve. We both felt awesome afterwards, and the reward is complete and overwhelmingly gratifying.

I will blog more about my short trip to Michigan later, but I've just been itching to share pictures of my beautiful new niece since I got home. I miss her already. I'm so glad I got to see her while she's still in her newborn stage, and that we get to go back in just 8 weeks (and that we get to come home with a squishy little bundle of our own :).


Minivan Mommy said...

She's gorgeous! Look at all that hair.. jealous!

Vee said...

Very cute pictures! And I didn't realize you were expecting too - congratulations! =]

*Jess* said...

congratulations, Auntie!! She's gorgeous!

J and K Smith said...

I don't think Jessie is the only one who has a way with the camera. Nicely done.

Jen S said...

She is beautiful!! I guess I haven't been following your blog very closely and so I thought at first Rebecca was YOURS!! Sounds like "yours" is coming soon though! :)