Thursday, March 10, 2011

A byproduct of allergies

It seems like every year around this time I have to do a post about allergies. I really can't help it, because it occupies an inordinately large percentile of my attention during these accursed weeks.

The girls, I must say, have been touchingly compassionate about their mother's condition. The other day I had a fit of sneezing about 12 sneezes long. Theia was in the same room with me at the time, and she inserted a "bless you" between each and every sneeze, without looking up from her coloring book, or changing tone a single time. Today Ingrid very sincerely blessed me after a sneeze, and when I sneezed again immediately, exclaimed "Bless you again, Mommy!" After I recovered I said to her, "You are so cute, Ingrid!" She beamed with delight, and ran over to me and presented her cheek to be kissed. Sometimes I just can't stand how cute they are!

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Danna said...

That is so sweet! Allergies are awful, I feel for ya!