Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Girl's got Style

Every now and then when Eliza walks into my presence after getting dressed, I ask her to stop so I can snap a picture of her with my phone. I'm sure she thinks it's just because she's my favorite. She has no idea that I actually just like to document the outlandish combinations of clothing she manages to find. (She actually is my favorite though - my favorite 3 year old, that is.)

Proving patriotism is always in style.

If it's too cold for your brown summer capri outfit,
never fear, just throw on a navy quilted vest and
some cowboy boots - you're good to go!

Further proof that red boots go with everything.

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J and K Smith said...

I thought of Eliza today when Kelten got dressed. I had to nix his outfit choice since we were going out in public. Not that the compromise was what I would have chosen, but it was better. :)