Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

It has been a long, cold winter, my friends.

There have been many occasions where we had to turn our heat on at night
I can recall whole weeks that the temperature did not get above 64 degrees a single time.
There were a few days that I actually had to wear a sweater and a jacket.
I can even remember a time that we didn't see the sun for two days in a row.
And things looked pretty dire when the forecasters had to issue a freeze warning, not once, but twice.
There were days in January that I couldn't even wear my flip flops outside, it was that bad.
It has been too cold to swim at the beach all the way since mid November.
In fact, it was too cold to swim at all, unless you had friends with a heated pool.

But, take heart my friends!
In spite of these heavy tribulations that burdened us for so long,
there is hope yet!

Spring has sprung! Get ready to open those swimming pools, because it's a high of 84 degrees today!


Bev Fisch said...

I knew you would find the good things about living in Florida.

KR said...


Keith Price said...

And your looking for sympathy? or just gloating?

Jessie's Girls said...

Mostly just poking fun at Floridians...and myself ;).

Rachel said...

I was in Florida in November and on the beach with my mother and a friend. They had blankets wrapped around them, I was taking off clothing because it was so warm and beautiful out! Thin blood! It was an awful shock to come back to New England after my vacation!

Mike and Katie said...

You're mocking us right? We're expecting 10-15 inches of snow tonight.