Saturday, March 19, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming....

I promise this will never be a DIY blog. I'm only a dabbler. I do read a couple of those blogs, and they've given me the little shove I needed to take my fate in my hands and actually attempt some things. And I've really been enjoying the sense of accomplishment I get when I do a project that actually has a beginning and an end. It's amazing to finish a job and then be done with it. Most of the things I work really hard at are repetitive tasks that are never really finished (i.e. laundry, dishes, food prep).

The chair and matching stool below are the first pieces of furniture I've ever painted. I painted the old piano bench a few months ago, then re-did it to match the chair more recently. I'm not particularly fond of either of them, so I figured I should practice on them since I didn't care much if they got "ruined". I'm in the middle of a dresser right now that I really hope turns out well, because I do like it.

Here is a before of the chair, which was a $10 estate sale item. It had a nasty flat red vinyl seat too. Sorry about the poor quality cell phone picture.

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Bert Ernie said...

The chair is beautiful, Holly. Good for you to have the gumption to follow through with a big project - even with four small children wanting your attention. I'm impressed. So looking forward to spending time with you and getting to see your new projects. Love always.